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Back from Yuna Kim’s farewell show “All that Skate” 2014

I just returned home from one of the most spectacular Farewells. What a pleasure it was to share the ice with the Queen of Skating, Yuna Kim….and to perform for the most incredible audience you could imagine. Even our son Kai felt the love! ;)
Of all the wonderful moments that I’ve experienced this past week, the two that stand out the most are working with David Wilson on the Opening and Closing, and (written with goosebumps and a smile) performing together with my talented husband and a live orchestra. I’ll be sure to post the official video as soon as it’s ready.

Here are some fun pics from Korea:photo 1 photo-17-2Rehearsing for the show with Bohdan
IMG_5998photo 2 Zamboni Boy…
photo-15-2photo-16-2IMG_5979photo 3 IMG_6014 IMG_6024


Check out this 1 min. video created by Bohdan (for The Reel Challenge held by Canadian Film Centre) with a theme focusing on the contribution of the film industry to Canadian economy and numerous full-time jobs it provides for 262 700 Canadians. (Don’t use the Safari browser to view. It has issues with vimeo playback.)


Vision for the FutureDear Friends,
I hope you are all keeping well and the early signs of spring form a smile on your lips and release the winter tension from your shoulders. I am grateful for the sunlight that peaks from behind the clouds to warm our world. :)
I wanted to write of a news worth sharing. Though this is not my first time working with a charity, I am honoured to become a World Vision Ambassador. I will be soon able to reveal the beautiful project I will represent, but not just yet.  It is all in the making but let me assure you, I am deeply passionate about it and feel exited to offer my part.
Please visit and have a look around to enrich your heart with the beauty of humanity. With enough drops we can will fill even the biggest container. To be continued.

Back from China!

Hi Everyone!

We just got back from China where I spent the past two weeks working with Pang Quig and Tong Jian, finessing their short and long program. By living in their sport village, we had a real taste of what it’s like to train on the Chinese National team. We shared every meal with the skaters, speed skaters, coaches and trainers. There I taught on the ice next to the great Chinese pair legend, coach Bin Yao. I felt like I was at the Olympic village surrounded by utter dedication and drive inside a world that lives and breathes sport. Our son Kai, on the other hand, was spoiled by all the coaches and skaters that took turns carrying him.  He was loved everywhere we went. If you’re ever in Beijing I highly recommend you visit “798 Space” an avant-garde and trendy art district. The other place, obviously, the Great Wall. Enjoy a view of the the Great Wall in the winter, taken by Bohdan. Breathtaking! :) (Speaking of breathing, a word to the wise: bring a mask for the more polluted days. We bought the 3M P95. It’s reported to cut out 95% of air born pollutants. You can get live updates here: )

On every trip I take, I find a new part of myself. The more foreign the culture to the one I know, the more I bring back with me. From Beijing I bring back people’s overwhelming love for children. Nowhere else in the world did our little one feel so much of the communal attention as he did in Beijing (and he has already been to 6 countries in his short life.)

Keep an eye out for a treat from China!!! An interview with the 2010 Olympic Champions Shen Xue & Zhao Hongbo