Kevin Reynolds

“Shae-Lynn Bourne interviews Kevin Reynolds”

2 thoughts on “Kevin Reynolds

  1. Gail Duffy

    I very much enjoyed your interview with Kevin. He has had an amazing year on ice and I’m so glad he didn’t quit skating! It was also interesting to learn more about Kevin beyond his skating. He seems to be such an intelligent and likeable young man.

  2. sachi kariy

    What a wonderful long interview!!
    I get to know about Kevin more.
    I like his short-program “chambermaid swing” very much. He looks more cool! I like this music,too.
    His 5 quadruple spins are really splendid and his skating is beautiful!!
    I think he was NO.1 in world championship, 2013canada.
    I always think that he should be evaluated more.
    I am hoping that he will be largely successful by your dance in the Olympics. Get a medal!!!(^^)!
    Thank you very much, Shae .


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