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Hello WORLD!

Hello World!!!
I have some really exciting things in mind for this new and reinvented version of my website.

One, it’s meant to be a “one stop shop.” You can find all my feeds here and some, like certain new videos, only here at www.shaelynnbourne.com

Two: VIDEO! I want to share with you what some of my really interesting skating and non-skating friends have to say about…well, things you would have NEVER known! ;) The first one you’ll get to see is my interview with Joannie Rochette, with whom I just finished her most recent program.

Three, since you’ve asked many times about my journey, I am working on a VIDEO PODCAST to take you down a memory lane with me. I’ve been asked to write a book on a few occasions but I thought it would be a little more fun to just tell you.

Four, though my skating I’m lucky enough to get to see the world, even many times over and time permitting, I’ll share some of my travels with you.

Five, lastly, as a woman, skater and now also a mom, I’ll share some my thoughts on everything from fashion to passion and beyond.

Welcome! Sign up under “Subscribe to Shae-Lynn’s Post” and join the adventure!!!